Student Program - Sessions Recommended for Students

Sessions Recommended for Students

5-A. Person-Directed Dementia Care: Lessons from the Pandemic
Reflect on issues of safety, autonomy, and segregation in light of the current pandemic—and consider how aging services providers can continue to center the values of culture change to keep the person at the forefront.

2-A. Modern Governance: Staying Agile and Resilient
Join a panel of veteran governance experts to learn about specific modern governance practices that align organizational culture and mission with the right combination of board structures and processes to fuel organizational success.

7-B. Developing and Sustaining an Inclusive Culture
Hear from aging services providers who are intentionally building diversity and inclusion initiatives that invite and accept older adults and employees from diverse backgrounds as full members of the community in which they live and work.

11-C. Developing Future Aging Services Leaders Today
Hear about the LeadingAge Summer Enrichment Internship program and how aging services providers can develop internship programs that successfully prepare black, indigenous and people of color for future management roles in aging services.

17-D. Meaning and Purpose: A Necessity, Not a Nicety
Consider why meaning and purpose should be fundamental to the work of LeadingAge members and wellbeing of older adults—and explore how organizations are intentionally infusing these values into day-to-day life, and measuring impact.

21-E. Recognizing and Disrupting Racial Bias
Understand the importance of having an awareness of our own biases in order to identify where unconscious biases in the workplace may perpetuate inequities, lack of inclusion, and barriers to equal opportunity.

25-F. Thriving During Times of Rapid Change
Examine how boards and management teams can proactively navigate new and heightened risk and promote innovative strategic action to further the mission of their organizations while also performing at the highest possible level.

29-G. Leading Through Change
Hear how one organization was able to navigate difficult change and crises by fostering an organizational culture focused on transparency and trust—and consider how ongoing leadership and board development can help leadership teams overcome hurdles and exceed expectations.

33-H. Developing Leaders of Color in Aging Services
Discuss the importance of recruiting and developing leaders of color in aging services and the intentional process one provider has implemented to address racial disparities in leadership roles within their organization.

37-I. Innovations in Dining: Before, During, and After COVID-19
Hear from two providers about their efforts to update their dining programs and physical design prior to the pandemic, how they implemented changes during the lock down — and how these are informing their plans to meet consumer preferences for post-COVID dining.

38-J. Telehealth: Case Studies from the Trenches
Learn about the rapid increase in the use of different modalities of telehealth in response to COVID-19 and how telehealth cemented the connection among and between different providers and their care recipients.

45-K. Equipping Mid-Level Managers for Success
Learn about a replicable model that allows mid-level managers to feel competent and engaged through a focused talent identification strategy followed by an onboarding process that informs ongoing opportunities for personal and professional growth and development.

46-L. Preparing for the Next Nursing Home Survey
Learn about the surveys and other agency visits you might expect in the coming year and the resources available to help you prepare and thrive in this COVID-era, including ways to balance temporary waivers vs. long-range changes.

47-L. Navigating the Course Toward the New Normal

Learn how organizations should be adjusting their strategic plans in response to an ever-changing environment, including adapting short-term fixes into long-term policies and procedures and developing a plan to communicate long-term mission and stability to stakeholders.