À la Carte Sponsorships

À la Carte Sponsorships

In addition to packaged sponsorships, LeadingAge offers a wide variety of individual sponsorships available before the show and onsite. You must be an exhibitor to participate in an à la carte sponsorship. For full benefits and pricing, you can reach out to the LeadingAge Sales team at [email protected]

Interested in a packaged sponsorship? View the sponsorship opportunities and benefits here.

  • Attendee Experiences


    Duty Free Film Screening

    Monday, October 25, 4:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. 

    Description. Duty Free is a documentary featuring a mother and her adult son facing ageism, the care crisis, and economic insecurity in America. After the movie, members will experience a Q+A with the film’s director and the stars followed by a reception.


    Sponsor Features: Branding on signage and promotional materials associated with this event.  Opportunity to introduce Film Director from stage prior to Q/A after film.



    End Ageism 5K Race/Walk

    Description: What could be more inspiring than starting your Annual Meeting experience with a run/walk in a beautiful area of Atlanta? Members will join a few hundred of their colleagues in this healthy start to their week of experiences. Date and location to be determined.

    Sponsor Features: Branding on all marketing materials, race credentials and t-shirts.


    FAQ's (forward-agile Questions) 

    Description: Attendees ponder questions as prompts to move forward. As they share their answers on our walls around the convention center, they will inspire others to grow as well.

    What do you need to learn, unlearn? 

    How do you live a life of hope over fear?

    How do you help the future?

    Why surround yourself with kind thoughtful people?

    What are you most hopeful for? 

    Sponsor Features: Branding on signage and promotion materials.


    FORWARD Service Project - SOLD

    Description: Members pack donated art supplies on behalf of residents of affordable housing communities in Georgia. These communities have little or no funding for art programs. Participation in art helps ease anxiety and stimulate memory in older adults, particularly people living with dementia. Associate your brand with doing the right thing for the people who need it most.

    Sponsor Features: Branding on bright colored art supply packing table, opportunity to present donations to senior housing organization with LeadingAge leadership and verbal recognition from the general session stage.


    leadingage learning LIVING ROOM

    Description:  How do we shift our organizations from surviving the last year to thriving in the next?  In this high-energy sharing space members will engage in facilitated face-to-face conversations around the most pressing challenges and opportunities facing aging services organizations today.

    Sponsor Feature:  Branding on all marketing components and physical area.


    Imagination Playground

    Description: This creative center inspires LeadingAge member providers to bring meaning and purpose into the lives of elders through creative engagement. Designed and directed by MacArthur Fellow Anne Basting, our imagination playground features TimeSlips and its international network of artists and caregivers committed to bringing joy to late life.

    Sponsor Features: Branding on space and in promotional materials. Opportunity to include your materials if applicable into the playground.


    Inclusion Night 

    This event honors those who have paved the way for diversity and inclusion in aging services and celebrates the work our members do every day providing LGBT-inclusive high-quality supports and services for all. There are different donor levels available for this event

    SUPPORTING Donor: Listing on the Inclusion Celebration event signage.

    CHAMPION Donor: Listing on the Inclusion Celebration event signage. Name and logo on the invitation. Inclusion Reception verbal acknowledgment.

    EVENT EXPERIENCE Donor: Listing on the Inclusion Celebration event signage. Branding on the invitation. Inclusion Reception verbal recognition.


    Keynotes (4 Available)

    Description: (4) Keynote sessions available for sponsorship.

    Sunday: FAITH Keynote
    Monday: TRUST Keynote
    Tuesday: HOPE Keynote
    Wednesday: COURAGE Keynote

    Sponsor Features: Intro of speaker from stage and ability to show a 2-minute video about your company.



    Description: LeadingAge will offer live high caliber walk-in entertainment for all four keynotes.

    Sponsor Features: Intro of entertainment from the stage on Sunday. Branding on the screen and in promotional materials.




    Description: Face to face sharing is what this year’s LeadingAge is all about. Each afternoon we will feature provider-led networking meetings designed to help members connect with one another on topics they care deeply about.

    Affordable Housing
    Assisted Living
    [email protected]
    Facility Managers
    Finance Professionals
    Global Ageing Network
    Hospice and Home Health
    HR Professionals
    Life Plan Communities
    Marketing Professionals
    Medicaid Home and Community-Based Care
    Medicare Special Needs Plans
    Next Gen Professionals
    Nursing Homes
    Quality and Risk Management
    Single Site Life Plan Communities

    Sponsor Features: Branding on all marketing materials and in physical area. Opportunity to facilitate conversation of your choice.



    Description: LeadingAge will offer live high caliber entertainment in various places in the convention center.

    Sponsor Features: Branding on the stage and in promotional materials.




    Saturday, October 23 - Friday, October 29
    Centennial Olympic Park, West Lawn

    Description: LeadingAge will debut a public art exhibit celebrating the significant contribution of care workers. The installation will capture the joys and sacrifices of aging services professionals and their invaluable role in enriching the health and dignity of older adults.

    Sponsor Features: Branding on signage and opportunity to make remarks during ribbon cutting.



    Description: LeadingAge Annual Meeting is filled with non-stop action and excitement. Yet sometimes members just need a quiet space to take a break from all the stimulation and re-charge. This relaxing space is filled with comfortable furniture, low lighting and the ever-elusive peace and quiet.

    Sponsor Features: Branding on space and in promotional materials.


    Student Program

    Description:The LeadingAge Student Program @ LeadingAge is open to current students or recent graduates that might be interested in the field of aging services.   By participating in the student program, students will network with executives, meet other students and receive unlimited access to all of the conference offerings.

    Sponsor BenefitsBranding on event materials (including Student Union space).  Opportunity to deliver remarks at the Leaders in Residence event.  Design and conduct an “Office Hours” session for students.


    scooter program

    Description: The convention center is a large place and LeadingAge makes it more manageable with our free, “use it and leave it” scooter program. Members can pick up a scooter when they need one and at the end of the day, staff return them to the scooter corrals on each floor.

    Sponsor Features: Branding on scooters and at corrals on every floor including the EXPO.



    Sunday, October 24, 11:00 a.m. -1:00 p.m.

    It’s been a long 18 months apart and it’s time to reconnect with one another to share laughter, swap stories, and be together at our inaugural opening event. Let’s kick off LeadingAge 2021 in the Atlanta sunshine with food trucks, friends, and the sweet sounds of musician Eric Dodd. And the most important ingredient of all? YOU.

    Sponsor Features: Branding on signage and all promotional materials associated with this event.  Opportunity to thank entertainment and welcome attendees from the stage.

  • Brand Awareness

    Attendee Reminder E-mail - SOLD

    Description: Must-read information for all conference attendees to ensure they arrive in Atlanta ready to learn and network. Sent to each registrant one week before Annual Meeting.

    Sponsor Features: Sponsor’s banner ad and a 40-word listing of what is going on at your booth written in the form of an announcement of an event feature.


    Conference App

    Description: Serves at the main information source to navigate the Annual Meeting and includes all conference information.

    Sponsor Features: Banner advertisement with URL link to sponsor’s website. Ability to send 3 in-app messages throughout conference.



    Daily morning Java (3 available)

    Description: Host complimentary coffee each day at a high-profile location(s) in the convention center: Monday morning, Tuesday morning & Wednesday morning

    Sponsor Features: Branding in area and on marketing materials.



    DineUps & restaurant concierge 

    Description: Annual Meeting is a place to make new friends. At this innovative new offering, members can get help finding the best places to dine and if they are attending Annual Meeting alone, can work with a concierge on getting matched with new friends to have dinner with. Located in the registration area.

    Sponsor Features: Branding in area and on marketing materials.



    Registration Area  - SOLD

    Description: The most visited area of the convention. A place to celebrate the value of membership and pick up your credentials.

    Sponsor Features: Branding in area.


    Transportation - SOLD

    Description: With hotels in various distances from the convention center, LeadingAge is offering several transportation options, such as shuttle buses, Lyft or Uber discounts and walking directions.

    Sponsor Features: Branding on all schedules, logistical information and walking instructions; opportunity to show videos on the shuttle bus TV’s.


    water (3 available)

    Description: Host complimentary water station each day at a high-profile location(s) in the convention center. Available for: Sunday afternoon, Monday afternoon & Tuesday afternoon

    Sponsor Features: Branding in area.



    Wi-Fi throughout the Convention Center - SOLD 

    Description: Sponsor identified with Wi-Fi service used by many attendees.

    Sponsor Features: Signage and other reminders about the Wi-Fi service throughout convention center. Verbal recognition from the General Session stage.

  • Inside the EXPO

    Atlanta-Inspired Box Lunch

    Description: On Monday and Tuesday, members will enjoy a chef-inspired box lunch with a sense of “place” as we bring in our host city with locally-sourced ingredients and city- inspired presentation and surroundings.

    Monday: Lunch served in the EXPO
    Tuesday: Lunch served in the EXPO

    Sponsor Features: Branding on signage and opportunity for one piece of promotional material to be handed to attendees with the box.



    Description: Where everybody knows your name. Members can stop by and catch up with old friends inside the EXPO while enjoying a cup of coffee or a cocktail.

    Sponsor Features: Branding on all signage and the opportunity to have a company name branded cocktail served.

    *Opportunity to brand cocktail napkins, glasses or purchase drink tickets at an additional cost.


    Wellness Zones

    Description: Five (5) high-energy interactive 20’ x 30’ areas along the center aisle of the EXPO designed to educate members on the five most powerful things you can do to support brain health and cognitive well-being for you, your teams and the people you serve. Each zone celebrates a LeadingAge member and their most innovative programs.

    Connect - SOLD

    Sponsor Features: Branding in the area and on printed zone materials.