À la Carte Sponsorships

À la Carte Sponsorships

In addition to packaged sponsorships, LeadingAge offers a wide variety of individual sponsorships available before the show and onsite. You must be an exhibitor to participate in an à la carte sponsorship. Available opportunities for the 2022 conference are listed below. List is subject to change.

For full benefits and pricing, you can reach out to the LeadingAge Sales team at [email protected]

Interested in a packaged sponsorship? View the sponsorship opportunities and benefits here.

  • Attendee Experiences

    Description: Inspired by Yoko Ono’s Wish Trees, Art Against Ageism created the (Aging Is) Living Tree as an interactive art installation that encourages participants to process what getting and being older means to them, ponder what it’s like to live in a society that often judges people based on their age, and consider how being older can be a positive experience.


    By using an artistic approach to advocacy, attendees can interact with the trees on their own terms, at their own pace, and without judgement. Located in the registration area, attendees can read the questions, complete a tag, and viewing other tags to enhance their own awareness of ageism.


    Sponsor Features: Branding on website, app, signage and logo on the back of tree tags.


    Between the sessions lounge

    Description: Face to face sharing is what is at the center of every LeadingAge gathering. This comfortable networking space has five diverse seating pods designed for optimizing spontaneous conversation between education sessions. Our Continuing the Conversation Zone is designed for access to our most sought-after speakers where attendees can ask their burning questions and voice their perspectives.

    Sponsor Features: Branding on all marketing materials and in physical area. Opportunity to facilitate Q/A with speakers featured in the Continuing the Conversation Zone.


    Description: The CAST Reception is held on Tuesday from 5:30 to 7:00 and historically has attracted between 200 to 300 individuals. As a sponsor you would receive, brand awareness on our meeting website and on-site signage at the reception. You would also have an opportunity to address the attendees and welcome them to the reception.

    Sponsor Features: Brand awareness on our meeting website, expo preview and on-site signage at the reception. You would also have an opportunity to address the attendees and welcome them to the reception.


    Interactive Public exhibit:
    Tackling Ageism

    Location: Glenarm Plaza, Denver Pavilions (between 15 & 16th St);​Exhibit is open for the week of Annual Meeting.

    Description:  LeadingAge will debut a public activation exhibit that raises awareness about ageism. Located in a populated hub of Denver, the exhibit sparks the imagination and insights of locals of all ages.

    Sponsor Features: Branding on signage  and opportunity to make remarks during ribbon cutting.



    Description:  Attendees are the live studio audience of our live stream television program each day right in the center of game day action of the EXPO. Our engaging and insightful anchor hosts will interview sponsors and attendees to hear their thoughts on our field’s most thought provoking questions

    Sponsor Features: Your branding on the LeadingAge Live Stage, opportunity to be interviewed or have our roaming reporter visit your booth


    (2 AVAILABLE) 
    Description: (2) Keynote sessions available for sponsorship. 

    Sponsor Features: Intro of speaker from stage and ability to show a 2-minute video about your company.


    leadingage kickoff event - SOLD
    Date: Sunday, October 16, 2022

    Description: LeadingAge will host the Welcome Back Event in the Convention Center, including food trucks and a band.

    Sponsor Features: Branding on signage and marketing materials. Opportunity to thank entertainment and welcome attendees from stage.




    Open Every Day in the Between the Sessions Lounge

    Description: Attendees will have the opportunity to spend some time making no-sew quilts for Denver seniors in need who live in affordable housing communities. You can stop by all week long whenever you have time to use your free time to make the world a better place to grow old.

    Sponsor Features: Branding on marketing materials and in physical area


    Description: Face to face sharing is what this year’s LeadingAge is all about. On Monday afternoon, we will feature provider-led networking meetings designed to help members connect with one another on topics they care deeply about.

    Sponsor Features: Branding on all marketing materials and in physical area. Opportunity to facilitate conversation of your choice. 



    Description: The Student Program is open to current students or recent graduates that might be interested in the field of aging services. By participating in the student program, students will network with executives, meet other students and receive unlimited access to all of the conference offerings. 

    Sponsor Features: Branding on event materials Opportunity to deliver remarks at the Leaders in Residence event. Design and conduct an “Office Hours” session for students.


    WEDNESDAY'S throwback cereal bar in the expo

    Description: What is your favorite cereal from childhood? Frosted Flakes, Cap’nCrunch, Lucky Charms and Apple Jacks are just some of the favorites to be featured. Sponsor one of the hottest new restaurant trends recreated inside our EXPO where members can top their favorite Saturday morning breakfast traditionat our never-ending toppings bar. Tie your brand to the ultimate childhood memory. Members will vote on the conference app for their favorite cereal and bragging rights will prevail

    Sponsor Features: Signage at Cereal and toppings bar, opportunity to banter with LeadingAge Live anchors when announcing the winning cereal from attendee poll.Includes opportunity to greet members at cereal topping stations.



    Description: Creativity and the arts have the power to open worlds, welcome people, and create a sense of belonging. As you first enter the Colorado Convention Center, you will be welcomed by experiencing first hand the power of creative engagement in the lives of older adults. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with our two interactive welcome walls and tour our gallery space of resident and staff creative offerings around the themes welcoming and belonging.

    This interactive activation will inspire and provide attendees with a range of examples to help them ponder ways to implement their own belonging initiatives back home.

    Sponsor Features: Branding on website, app, signage and logo on the two main walls.

  • Brand Awareness

    Description: Help attendees navigate the exhibit hall, locate exhibitor booths, and find attractions on GIANT IPAD displays. 

    Sponsor Features: Company name and logo recognition on IPAD station, (2) stations strategically placed one inside the EXPO and one located in Attendee Registration Area.


    Description: Must-read information for all conference attendees to ensure they arrive ready to learn and network. Sent to each registrant one week before Annual Meeting.

    Sponsor Features: Banner ad and a 40-word listing of what is going on at your booth written in the form of an announcement of an event feature.


    Description: Serves as the main information source to navigate the Annual Meeting and includes all conference information.

    Sponsor Features: Banner advertisement with URL link to sponsor’s website. Ability to send 3 in-app messages throughout conference.


    Description: Host complimentary coffee each day at a high-profile location(s) in the convention center. Available for Monday morning, Tuesday morning and Wednesday morning.

    Sponsor Features: Branding in area and on marketing materials.


    Description: The most visited area of the convention. A place to celebrate the value of membership and pick up your credentials.

    Sponsor Features: Branding in area.


    Description: Tram transportation inside convention center. The Trams transport attendees throughout the convention center saving time and energy.

    Sponsor Features: Brand recognition all three Trams, Tram stops, and marketing materials.


    Description: Sponsor identified with Wi-Fi service in the convention center used by many attendees.

    Sponsor Features: Signage and other reminders about the Wi-Fi service throughout convention center. Recognition from the Keynote stage.

  • Inside the EXPO

    New Culinary experience in the expo
    Description: New this year, LeadingAge will feature 3 trend forward restaurants inside the EXPO. On Monday and Tuesday, members will enjoy chef inspired lunches in spaces that feel as if you stepped off the EXPO floor and onto a downtown hot urban restaurant block.

    Big Bowl: Our bowl inspired restaurant.
    Fresh: Our farm to table salad restaurant
    True: Our plant-based restaurant.

    Each restaurant has a sense of “place”, infused with locally-sourced ingredients and city-inspired surroundings.​

    Monday and Tuesday Lunch

    Sponsor Features: Branding on restaurant decor and opportunity for one promotional material to be handed to attendees or placed on tables. Open to other ideas of collaboration.


    Description: Each day of the EXPO, attendees are greeted with the welcoming sounds of music and a DJ thanking your company for supporting them.

    Sponsor Features: Be associated with the most exciting first impression at LeadingAge in Denver!